“Talismanic Sculpture”

Imagine creating your own thoughtfully inspired and unified organic talismanic sculpture. 


To be GLAD and embody: 

Gratitude for our life 

Love for self, others, and our planet 

Acceptance of things as they are  

Diversity in culture 

These sculptures brings the essence and energy of nature into our space, which helps us focus on more on our unique wellness journey.

Your own forest oasis in 3 easy steps

Pick a base

Choose one or make your own.

Form the foliage

Foliage will be available or bring your own cedar or other clippings.

Also considering going on excursions with people and groups to collect materials for their sculptures.

I’m there every step of the way to help support you in the creation process.

Add moss, twigs, and other bits of detritus that you find in the forest.

Adorn it

This is where the magic really happens…

You add lights, decoratives and curiosities–to fashion your unique forest inspired memento.

Keep it or gift it!!

Enhance your experience by craft a story about what it means to you.

Workshop Overview


The facilitator(s) provides a relevant prompt(s) for the workshop participant(s). 

If the workshop is being done for an organization or company their values, mission or intended outcome can incorporated or be the directive for the prompt(s). 


This is where participants choose their intension for the Talure. They may choose to write/record their own personal affirmation or story about the intended sculpture. 


Participants select and/or gather their unique components. This includes the base, foliage, decoratives and memorabilia. 

Participants could choose components from a provided selection or they could gather them, either before hand or during an outing that’s part of the workshop. 


The facilitators provide a functional overview of how to assemble the basic sculpture and then support the participants in their unique creation and adornment process. 


The facilitators guide participants through a project presentation and group feedback session. Participants then finalize the proclamation for their unique Talure. 


Each participant that completes the program receives a digital certificate of completion and authenticity for their Talure. 

The PDF certificate includes a photo of the sculpture and the proclamation or story they attribute to their Talure. 

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