Live Forest Art — restorative and transformative creativity

Discover the joy of crafting your artistically inspired memento that emanates a life of its own. It’s a meaningful conversation piece and you make it! Gift it or keep it as a commitment to natural mindfulness.

Pre-COVID photos of an actual project and a workshop

LEFT–A personal sculpture takes shape
RIGHT–First workshop at the Rockway Centre in Kitchener

Obviously, at this time we can’t provide workshops in this way, however, there are viable alternatives. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

What makes these workshops so engaging?

We help participants to deepen their connection with nature and gain the rejuvenating benefits of holistic wellness through personal creative expression.

Your truly unique sculpture evolves through your intuition and manifests as a creation that reflects your personal interpretation and purpose.

It’s really amazing that each piece seems to turn out equally awesome! It was most interesting that the feeling of individual accomplishment didn’t seem to be dependant on the perceived skill level of the participant.

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It’s a unique time to offer these wellness workshops and I believe that being open to new and unique possibilities is crucial to our evolution and wellbeing. I have some ideas and practical experience to help co-develop suitable workshop programs for/with you and/or your organization.

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