Updated Thursday May 13th 2021 in the afternoon – Been to the Castle and back this morning. So interesting what I found. I’ll be posting about that later this afternoon on the Castle page.

What’s happening in the forest

Since COVID there’s been a huge increase in the number of people in the forest, however, there are still many remote/less used areas where you can find serenity and solitude.

There are great walking/biking trails and variety of scenic locales to explore along the many ways. More recently enhanced cycling features, such as; jumps, banked turns, and obstacles have appeared.

Then there are the outbursts of inspired forest creativity like these teepees and other interesting creations.

I feel such a connection to/in this place that I’ve committed to being a steward over a specific locale called “the Wellness Castle”, which is in the Royal forest. Only a three minute walk from Victoria Road.

Roadside parking in both directions on Victoria

I find that getting creative with what is in the forest can be quite challenging, feels rejuvenating and certainly is transformative. So grateful to be part of this vibrant community forest.

A pile of rubble is all that’s left of the original structure, which was started by someone last year.

I’ve reimagined this locale. Began by removing some of the hazards and cleaning up a bit. Also defining a vision and mission. Come up with the following…

the Wellness Castle

How will it evolve?

Started enhancing this existing locale a few weeks ago. There are now a couple of activity areas, passive respites, and pathways being developed.

Imagining how this place could evolve into a centre for holistic wellness activities that are accessible to everyone in the community.

Defined the area, am developing the flow, and am determining what the Castle locale will become–for now.

Currently this is an unofficial project, however, that could change. Submitted an application for funding and am developing a project overview and will post it soon.

There’s a evolving story about this locale, why I chose it, and what’s happening here. Visit the Castle page to learn more about it.

Live Forest Art

Now offering outdoor sessions at this location on Saturday afternoons from 1-4.

I’ll be there in person to support the 3 step creation process of your own unique sculpture and of course help with other forest/project related questions.

Left some sculptures and components on display. They are free for the taking. I’ll provide the guidance to evolve your own unique piece.

Hosting free sessions at the Castle on Saturday afternoons from 1-4 and other times by arrangement.

We’ll practice physical distancing and take all the necessary precautions. No group gatherings, however, couples and same household families with up to 5 people is ok.

Inclusivity is paramount—everyone is welcome! Please let me know if you have any special needs that require consideration.

To learn more about these sessions view the “Live Forest Art” page.

Often go to this locale at random times during the week, so message me to arrange a time to meet—if you like… Toma


It’s certainly been a transformative time for most of us. We’ve been physically distancing ourselves from extended family, friends, and others in the community for some time now. Social interaction can be awkward and even difficult at times. So many rules/restrictions and changes. Yet, most of us know the value of and need for socializing.

Many people have been shut-ins or shut-outs for a year or more now, especially those that are considered most vulnerable or have other impediments. 

For how much longer will we remain cooped-up?

So maybe we could ask ourselves; how can we be more inclusive and provide specific opportunities to enhance each individual’s unique wellness journey?

I believe we could begin by offering a more holistic approach to wellness, which specifically provides safe, comfortable, and enjoyable access to beneficial/healthy amenities in our local natural areas–for everyone.

Imagining “Wellness Walks” and Live Forest Art WORKSHOPS”, where we share insights on our journey to wellbeing, while exploring local natural areas even/especially during Covid.


Wellness Walks
Inspired natural outings that are enjoyable and beneficial
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Live Forest Art
Immersive art therapy that’s connective and fun
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Your feedback, insights, and inquiries are appreciated… Toma