Last updated Tuesday June 7th 2022

This wayside picnic locale “iV” has been created for everyone in the community to enjoy freely. Imagine a place that encourages safe social interaction, helps build community, and inspires wellness! 

Now officially a nine-seater with several convenient features, including some tables

It’s located about 3 minutes walk along the new section of trail that starts at Victoria Rd and follows the Speed River to the Guelph Lake Dam. 

This locale marks the spot where a notable tree once protruded toward the horizon. This magnificent tree was held dear by many people it turns out. 

August 2017 such a memorable tree

It was cut-down and left in pieces at the edge of the forest to make way for the new trail. Several key pieces where rescued from rot, reimagined with an inspirational purpose, and then crafted into a functional forest art sculpture that can now serve the community as a visionary vista. 

An enjoyable and inspiring place to rest a moment or for a picnic

The core elements of this functional forest art installation are now established and any help to continue evolving this locale would be appreciated. Local artists are also invited to contribute community/wellness based artistic elements to this locale.

Greater Purpose

If you’re in the area, I’d encourage you to take a moment to appreciate this locale and the panoramic view of the field it offers.

Imagine what this might look like with bio-diverse gardens and social areas where people gather to appreciate various features.

Then, as you sit and scan the horizon, imagine if one day (soon) this field could be transformed into an amazing wellness park that’s accessible and beneficial to many in our community. What might that look like?

That’s what I’d love to explore. An inspired collaborative effort could develop an awesome concept and proposal that could propel this dream into a reality. Here’s the location:

The existing layout of the land. My concern is that a significant chunk of property (part of what’s highlighted in red) is to be severed and sold—maybe soon. I’m thinking developers would be very interested in all of this land—for more condos or houses $$$. Wouldn’t a wellness park be more advantageous to our community?

Hopefully this helps get your ideas flowing and that it starts the conversation, which evolves into a movement.

I believe that accessibility, financial sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social unity are paramount! For this reason a “not-for-profit-first” attitude must prevail. How could this be achieved in these times of uber-consumerism, environmental exploitation and exorbitant inflation?

Making this project viable…

The entire wellness park could operate as a for-profit corporation that exemplifies ”B Corporation” principles.

Various supportive and aligned charities, organizations, companies and local service groups would also be involved.

The illustration highlights some of the attributes that could be incorporated. These will be described in more detail. For now, it’s all just in the realm of imagination.

I am now offering the TalureTM workshops to help promote and fund this park venture. Read on to learn more…



Live Forest Art Workshops

Deepen your experience and connection with nature by attending/hosting these unique workshops for individuals and groups.

No previous experience or “artistic talent” required and you’ll create a personal memento that’s meaningful. Great as a gift, as well!

Visit the Workshops page to learn more.


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