January 20th, 20211 minute read

It’s certainly been a transformative time for most of us. We’ve been physically distancing ourselves from extended family, friends, and others in the community for some time now. Social interaction can be awkward and even difficult at times. So many rules/restrictions and changes. Yet, we all know the value of and need for socializing.

Some of us have gained great benefits from taking the time to holistically improve our wellness thanks to being aware and active, while others maybe not so much. In fact, some people suffer even more now, directly because of this pandemic.

Many people have been shut-ins or shut-outs for a year or more now, especially those that are considered most vulnerable or have other impediments. For how much longer will they be cooped-up or cast-out? So we should ask ourselves; how can we be more inclusive and provide specific opportunities to enhance each individual’s unique wellness journey?

I believe we could begin by offering a holistic approach to wellness, which specifically provides safe, comfortable, and enjoyable access and amenities in our local natural areas–for everyone.

What if we… more to come


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