Wellness Walks

Guelph and the surrounding area 

We’ve been dealing with the ramifications of physical distancing, social isolation, and enforced lockdown and it’s taking its toll on many of us. 

Our physical, emotional, and spiritual being has been effected/afflicted in very unique and diverse ways. 

Some of us may experience a time of growth and enlightenment, while others suffer and lose much. Loneliness during isolation is very difficult to overcome and becomes devastating for some individuals. 

Fear, doubt, and prejudice are so rampant all around and maybe even in us at times. 

If you or someone you know is challenged with afflictions: connecting ourselves to nature, especially with a wellness focussed cicerone, can really help. 

What is a “Wellness Cicerone”? I’ll explain my definition..

Imagine having a guide/mentor that helps inspire and encourage you on your journey to holistic wellness; someone who’s compassion and experience can help you enhance your life.

Or maybe you’d like to be the wellness cicerone who helps people. 

Either way wellness walks can benefit all of us and our communities by helping us to evolve into more enlivened people that truly care for ourselves, the experience of others, and our environment.

Guelph has some great natural areas and the map below highlights five of my favourites. There are many other areas worth visiting as well and those can be included in the future.

For now, I’m offering a free initial half-hour “introductory” session where we can discuss your specific struggles and/or interests on a quest to determine how future sessions may be of benefit to us.

The Arboretum offers a serene experience for reflection and relaxation.

The Gorba forest is foremostly an off-road biking area with a 20k+ trail network that offers some diverse terrain and scenery.

The Royal forest features a wide stone way that connects Gorba with Riverside park and has several interesting side trails/sights.

The Smith property trail extends along an old rail line, passes a dam, and winds back through the hills.

The Starkey Hill loop is a great–under an hour–up and down exercise route that offers some beautiful views year-round.

I’ll expand on these descriptions in the future, so if you like for now we can discuss your specific wants/needs and choose a suitable location for a walk.

For a limited time–I’m offering this free introductory session, so you can have a first-hand experience.

Subsequent sessions, which can include Live Forest Art instruction/ support, are now available on a first come-first serve basis.

Free ½ hour initial consultation.

For more information and/or to arrange a Wellness walk, please message me… Toma 

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