the Castle

What will become of it?

As I left it in the evening May 1st 2021

2020… the beginning

I watched this structure evolve and was planning to add a roof. Instead, I watched it intentionally be torn apart. Why would someone go to such and effort to destroy someone’s creativity and leave a hazard in an area where children play?

October 17th 2020 – This structure is spiked together and at this point as developed as I’ve seen it.

I’d like to know who started this structure and if anyone else has worked on it.

Maybe we could collaborate to create something really cool here.

If your interested, please message me… Toma

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Below is a brief history of my experience with this locale…

April 5th 2021

It’s afternoon and just got back from my walk feeling quite inspired, even though see the dismantling of this structure. Yes, it’s sad to see someone make such an effort to destroy someones creation.

Looks like someone is dismantling/wrecking it–wondering why?

However, it also shows a need and opportunity. People want to be creative and do things for others that ours enjoy–in this case mostly for the children, I think. That’s what I imagine.

Now the concern is safety. There’s heavy insecure logs with big, small and sometimes rusty nails protruding. What can we do?

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