Creative Construction

How we build matters

Imagine enjoying a creation process that’s fulfilling and beneficial

I’ll work with you and/or your group to create a custom built structure that serves a unique purpose specifically for your needs/wants. We can use a combination of new and reprocessed materials combined with some skillful construction techniques to materialize what we’ve imagined.

There’s a genuine therapeutic value to working collaboratively on an inspired building project. This is “work therapy” and the benefits can last a lifetime, especially for a person or a group that needs some encouragement and support to help them build practical skills, self-confidence, and ultimately provide a sense of accomplishment and connection.

Below are a couple of recent examples of building projects that can be easily completed by an individual or a team–with my support. With a little imagination and some scaling these units could be enlarged and serve as a shed, garden house, or even as a cabin/forest dwelling.


A great pet getaway!

Shown with the prefabricated sections ready for assembly. This modular unit features a stilted cabin, reclaimed pallet lumber trim, dual side access panels, and a covered porch. It’s designed for window and door inserts and can be easily insulated and heated.


Imagine the delight when the children grow up with this!

The design allows young children to look out the windows, yet it’s tall enough for an adult to stand in the centre. This robust modular unit could easily be expanded upon in the future.

Please contact me directly for more information and to discuss options… Toma

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