April 22nd 2020

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We may face this pandemic with panoramic awareness and realize both obstacle and opportunity during this dynamic evolution of our species.

Care for our environment and community is paramount to our wellbeing. Fundamentally our natural areas provide holistic rejuvenation for our physical, emotional and spiritual benefit.

Earth Day/Week 2020 is here. How will we celebrate? What’s our commitment? Why does it matter? I’m asking myself these questions. Must admit, a few things come to mind. So, here’s my shortlist:

Clean up somewhere – FRIDAY

Host a Meetup(s) DONE

Re-establish CRexcursions IN-PROCESS

For those of you who know me, I’ve decided to use the epithet “Toma” for my creative and cultural endeavours–my primary focus. Toma is the melding of my birth name Thomas and simplified Tom. This rename helps differentiate me and this inspired venture.

I believe in inclusivity and acceptance, and actively seek to embody/integrate those values into my life. I see how discrimination, exclusion, and punishment can be corrosive attributes in society and am grateful to live in this country, where there’s a lot of tolerance, respect, and kindness.

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